There is plenty of controversy about mathematical gambling systems. They are to be illegal but they can be hard to identify. One of the most common methods used is counting cards in games such as blackjack. It isn't a concept that everyone can catch on to but for those who can it may end up being quite profitable. There have been a few movies out there about such mathematical gaming systems.


It is important to remember that with gambling the odds are always in the favor of the house. Some people have come up with strategies though that do work well for them. The area of sports betting is a good example. Some of the so called experts in this type of gambling do their research. They go beyond the odds and the point spread though. They review information on past games and even individuals players.

Punto Banco can be said to have been fashioned after the popular Baccarat game. Punto Banco is however different from Baccarat game in that there are no optional plays. It is a kind of Poker game that can be played on the single dealer black jack table which is the regular tables found in conventional casinos. Some big casinos in Europe do opt for the kidney-shaped tables, in which the three dealers sit comfortably in arm chairs and deal the cards themselves. The Punta Banco table normally consist of 12 Punters sitting at the table. There might be up to 10 or more Punter tables depending on the size of the Casino.
The Punto Banco poker game is played with only the players at the table allowing to make bets. These players determine which of the two sides will win after placing their bets in a box of their choice. One can choose a player by placing a bet on the player region in front of their numbered seat. A player can choose a bank when he passes the bet to a dealer who places the bet in the “bank”. A player can decide to bet on a tie after making his choice on the Punto Banco table. This implies that all hand-betting will be a draw and there wouldn’t be any more cards to come because all the hands will have equal value.
Now that the bets have been placed by the players, the first player on the first seat will start to deal with the cards using the “shoe” and he used this shoe to send the cards toward the center of the table, all other players will follow in the same fashion and the dealer at the center of the table will thereafter rearrange the cards in an orderly manner. The mini version of the Punto Banco is quite different in that only the house dealer is allowed to do all the dealings.
In Punto Banco, the dealer allows the game to flow by letting the first card goes to the players and the second to the bank. The dealer of the Punto Banco Poker game allows play by “running the game” or otherwise known as spreading. The shoe in Punto Banco game is used to hold the cards that is used in dealings when playing the Punto Banco in a Casino. The player and the bank are the two competing sides in this type of Poker game, while the Punters play the game by betting on either the player or bank depending on who is winning.
Before the cards enter the shoe, a cut card is inserted so that players wouldn’t run out of cards while the Punto Banco game is being played. The game of Punto Banco is visible in most Casinos and it is a game of perfect attention and Psychology. An individual who is not smart enough cannot make an headway in a Punto Banco game, it is strictly for those who understand how to turn the table to their favour.