How To Research Lotto Results Using A VBA Random Number Generator

How can random numbers help in your lotto research? Once you’ve decided on your selections, you need to test your ideas against some real data.

A word of warning here; don’t expect a few lines of numbers to achieve any significant results. You’re looking for a scenario where maybe 20 lines of your numbers come up in a random draw around one in five thousand times. Although those odds are not great, it’s certainly better than a lucky dip where the odds might be in the many millions to one.

You don’t need actual lotto results for your testing; any random set of numbers is fine as long as the research you carry out is using the same data set. Here’s how you might go about it.

First, you need to create some data. An Excel VBA number generator is a good place to start. You need around 1,000 lines of numbers to use in identifying patterns.

Next you’ll need to identify your own patterns and combinations; start with something simple:

• At least one prime number in each line

• No numbers less than 5 or greater than 35

• An equal number of odd and even numbers

You can now generate multiple lines based on the ideas you’ve identified; around 20 lines is a good start. The lines won’t be random because you’ve added in your own filters.

Now you can test your ideas against a real life result. Generate a single line of random numbers; this will be similar to a live lotto draw.

If any of your own 20 lines of numbers matches the new result, congratulations, you’ve just won lotto!

A winning scenario so soon is unlikely; what you’re trying to achieve is a situation where your odds are dramatically improved.

Try generating 1,000 lines of your own numbers and keep going until your numbers match the single line of output. If you are get the figure down to 5,000 lines that should be regarded as a successful outcome; a 1 in 5,000 chance of winning lotto are odds anyone would take!

Although filtering numbers can improve your lotto results, the technical challenges in achieving a good outcome are numerous. This article has described some of the methodology involved in designing a research project aimed at analyzing lotto results.