Video Poker Machines are very common nowadays. It is nothing but another kind of casino games, which is widely played in the casinos throughout the world. The machine is generally with the help of the coins. The machine starts working with the push of the lever, which is on the side of the machine. The machine is very authentic, and for that reason, it is widely popular.

The Azteca Skill Video Poker Machine is a kind of slot machine, which is widely used now a day. It is used in all the international casinos. This machine has some features like spinning reels, flashing lights, and ringing bells, which are same as slot machines. But unlike slot machines, the users can control when each reel stops. This slot machine, today, is used in every home.

The Azteca Video Poker Machine has many functions, which are unbelievable. They are high quality backlit machines with lights and electronic sound effects. In this machine, whenever the users hit any winning combination, the light, which is behind the console, show the users that the combination is won. Each machine has its own light designs and quality sound effects.

When the users hit the big payoff combination, the real thrill starts. The machine starts with flashing of lights and non-stop playing of music. When the users hit the big jackpot the machine bursts into excitement, and it will appear that they are playing in the casino. It is not like traditional slot machine because in this slot machine the users can start and play each game by themselves only. If the users can control the action of the machine, they can also control the fun.

In the machine, they can find two kinds of mode, credit more and non-credit mode. There are 3 digital LCD screens in the machine, which reflect credit tokens and hit count. The plug of the machine is very technically made, and it can go into any household outlet. The machines are usually chrome finished. The users are provided with door key reset key and users' manual.

The door key enables the users with easy access to the interior of the machine. The reset key enables the users to reset the volume control and power switch. The machine can be handled manually. The weight of the machine is not so much. It is around 85 lbs. the dimension of the machine is 32" tall, 18" wide, and 12" deep. The dimension of the machine is quite suitable to any home, where it is placed. The warranty period is very important in the respect to the machine.

This machine has the warranty period of full one year. It means that if anything goes wrong with the machine the users can easily call the company officials for repair. But it must be within the warranty period. The users must keep the proof of the purchase of the machine, and then only they can get the warranty facility. Thus, the Azteca Video Poker Machine will provide great excitement.

In today’s world it seems like everywhere you turn there’s scammers trying to find their next unsuspecting victim. Well, this is no different than poker. Even online poker has it’s fair share of people waiting for someone to fall into their trap.
Poker is a huge trust game and it’s best not to trust anyone especially when playing online and especially when the goal of the game is to take other player’s money. I’ll share some of the most common online poker scams going around today so you can try to spot them and avoid them should they ever come your way.
There’s one scam going around called the side-bet scam in which a player hovers around different tables trying to make private deals with other players. They’ll hop from table to table and they will bet players for $100 that they’ll win and if the player loses the scammer gets $100 and in the other case if the player wins, the scammer just acts like it never occurred.
While that is just an example and not every side-bet scammer bets $100, it’s common enough in games and a lot of people will fall for this especially new players. Another common scam is referred to as the all in on the first hand scam. This one is easy to avoid by using common sense. In this particular event a player would suggest to his opponent that he and his opponent both go all in the very first hand. While sometimes his opponent would usually just ignore him or argue with him, sometimes he would agree and put all his chips in and if the scammer didn’t have a great playing hand, he’d continue playing like normal. This isn’t as much as a scam as a trust issue and basic common sense can be used to avoid this.
The next one is a pretty rough one that’s been seen around a lot and a lot of money is lost by this scheme. When a scammer asks you to pay $10 in hopes of being paid back $20 the next day, you are most likely being lured into the Ponzi scheme. In this scheme, the scammer will build your trust by asking for money and will actually pay you back and continue to pay you back raising the limit on the amount he’s asking for higher and higher each time. Once he has earned your sincere trust and attention because hey.. you paid him before and he paid back, he’ll continue to pay you back right? This is not merely the case and once he has you in his grip he goes in for big money and runs.
These people are usually the friendliest posters and some times one of the biggest contributors and most active of people. In today’s world, especially in online poker it is best to think ahead and never to trust a random player offering to return you money or make a private deal with you, as this will save you a lot of money in the future and headache.